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The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is dedicated to enriching the quality of life in Middle Tennessee by connecting generosity with need.

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    posted on 22 Sep 2017 | Group News
    The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, a charitable organization working to improve the quality of life in 40 Middle Tennessee and three Kentucky counties, announces it is awarding 283...
    posted on 13 Sep 2017 | Group News
    Exhaustion. Those that survived Harvey remain exhausted. Those fleeing from Irma are exhausted. The news professionals and the state authorities are exhausted. Those nonprofits and others trying...
    posted on 30 Aug 2017 | Group News
    As the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, the National Weather Service issued a dire warning: “This event is unprecedented,” and “Beyond anything experienced”… Such has indeed been the...
    posted on 24 Aug 2017 | Group News
    We've all heard the hateful language that has been bandied about concerning our country's past and our present.  As we've watched the story unfold in the news before our very eyes, we've seen...
    posted on 17 Aug 2017 | Group News
    In 2005 and 2006, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee convened a conversation about the extraordinary support our community had shown in creating and supporting the Arts. Those present --...

About Us

The Community Foundation’s mission is to enrich the quality of life in Middle Tennessee.

  • We provide flexible and cost-effective ways for civic-minded individuals, families and companies to contribute to their community – now and for all time.
  • Our vision is to help people feel good about giving, no matter the amount, no matter the cause.
  • We ensure both the excellent stewardship of donor funds and the wise investment of grants in the 40 counties of Middle Tennessee we serve.
  • We draw on the deep roots of philanthropy, and we’re focused on helping people find creative and even entrepreneurial ways to help the community thrive.

Read this message from Ellen Lehman, The Community Foundation's president and founder. Contact us to talk about ways we could work together to improve our community.


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