Steven L. Meyers, Ph.D.

Steven L Meyers, PhD, is the author of Personalized Philanthropy: Crash the Fundraising Matrix. He pioneered a new kind of charitable gift practice that delivers on the too often unfulfilled promise (and joy!) of planned giving: "the right gift, for the right purpose, for the right donor." His innovative donor-focused gift designs are fittingly called “killer apps.” They are game-changers because they enable donors to tap into their entire lifetime capacity to create larger gifts with greater impact sooner. Prior to his own practice, Steve served as a vice president and member of the management team at the Weizmann Institute’s American Committee for 21 years. He holds a Masters Degree in Organization and Management from Antioch University and a Ph.D. from the University of Buffalo. Now, as Chief Content Officer with TheEightPrinciples, Steve’s quest is to integrate personalized philanthropy with the principles of sustainable fundraising. Steve’s book is available from CharityChannel Press ( and Amazon.

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Steve’s innovative donor-focused gift designs, especially a series of arrangements he calls “killer apps,” combine the full spectrum of current and future gifts so that donors can create a lasting legacy where impact and recognition are able to start up right away. Steve joined the American Committee of the Weizmann Institute of Science in 1995 and now serves as Vice President of its Center of Personalized Philanthropy, as well as a member of its management team and total financial resource development strategy group. He holds a Masters Degree in Organization and Management from Antioch University and a Ph.D. from the University of Buffalo. Steve has published in The Journal of Gift Planning and speaks frequently at national and regional gift and financial planning events on donor-centered giving and “Planned Giving in the Big Picture.” Steve strongly believes in building a pioneering culture of teamwork and collaboration and most enjoys helping donors realize ways they can help make miracles happen at the Weizmann Institute and other organizations close to their hearts. He is the author of the book, Personalized Philanthropy Crash the Fundraising Matrix and Make the Real Shift to Donor-Focused Giving, and Personalized Philanthropy, and its companion monograph for donors, Personalized Philanthropy and the Four Donors: Parables for Radically Rethinking Your Philanthropy: A New Conversation for donors, gift officers, and advisors.

Steven can be reached here.

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