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Richard Fox explores some of the complex issues of naming rights, including cautions when things go bad.

Sometimes, combining planned gifts can have tremendous benefits, especially when the donor really doesn't give up much at all.

24 Mar 2015 | Pooled Income Fund | National Publication | Article | 4 comments

Pooled Income Funds (PIF) have been around for a long time and, until recently, fallen out of favor. Perhaps because interest and dividend rates have been at historical lows for several years and because most PIFs were established some years ago, the combination of...

5 Mar 2015 | Charitable Remainder Trust | National Publication | Article | 13 comments

Charitable Remainder Unitrusts are sometimes difficult to explain to clients. There are a lot of options. But not if you have the right FREE tool. Read and download the tool now.


The wide reach of The Planned Giving Design Center (PGDC) leads to many interesting opportunities, not the least of which are questions from donors about gift structures, strange opportunities or other inquiries.

Philanthropy in Practice at The Boston Foundation

Shortly after the December 2004 earthquake and tsunami ravaged Southeast Asia, retired technology executive David N. Campbell left his Carlisle home and flew to Thailand to see what he could do to help.


David Wheeler Newman explores the NIMCRUT and its extraordinary possibilities. His case study makes a compelling statement that Charitable Remainder Trusts are alive and well and will continue to be.

18 Oct 2012 | National Publication | Case study

Clients that want to keep businesses in the family often have many constraints to overcome. These may include control issues, transfer taxes, successor leadership, cash flow challenges and estate equalization, to name a few.  In this case study and accompanying...

9 Aug 2012 | Real Property | National Publication | Case study | 1 comments

Family homes and/or vacation homes can become associated with happy times and precious family memories. Some families want to keep the home in the family for future generations to enjoy. In this case study and accompanying ...


Family businesses represent one of the most complex challenges for financial and estate planners; particularly when the business is owned horizontally and vertically within the family structure. In this case study and accompanying 78-page report, Randy Fox of Two...


While John and Jane Eastwood don’t require much for living expenses, they cannot afford to retire on the investment assets they have. In addition, their estate is also very illiquid and it is likely their substantial art collection will have to be liquidated in...


Gerald and Eileen live a very modest lifestyle. Although they have not planned for retirement, they are fortunate to have recently inherited a closely-held business. The downside is their estate lacks adequate liquidity, does not incorporate their charitable giving...

31 Jul 2009 | National Publication | Case study

Charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts are often used independently to accomplish a broad variety of personal and philanthropic planning objectives. In this case study, we see how these trusts can be used in combination to provide substantial current...


Nongrantor charitable lead trusts are designed to pay an income stream to charity for a term defined in the trust instrument with the remainder interest passing to noncharitable remainder beneficiaries, often the trustor's children, upon termination of the trust....


Most charitable remainder trusts are created with the intention of providing an income stream to the donors for their lifetimes with the remainder passing to charity at the conclusion of the trust term. In this case study, Mr. and Mrs.  Allen take advantage of...

1 Jul 2009 | Charitable Gift Annuity | National Publication | Case study | 8 comments

It was Will Rogers who once said, "I'm not as interested in return on my principal as I am return of my principal. In this case study, Mr. Braun, an 82-year-old widower who is worried about market volatility, learns how he can transfer...

19 Jun 2008 | National Publication | Case study | 3 comments

One of the greatest planning challenges for many philanthropists is to balance their goals of providing for charity in the immediate term and family members long-term. In this case study, The Sharpe Group illustrates how a couple concerned about an uncertain gift...

12 May 2008 | National Publication | Case study | 6 comments

Are charitable remainder unitrusts measured by the life of the trust's income recipients always the automatic recommendation for younger donors? In this case study, we examine how of the challenges of providing dependable cash flow and meeting a capital campaign...

28 Sep 2006 | Bequest | National Publication | Case study | 5 comments
A Presentation Case Study
Annie Arnold is a retired day school administrator with a modest estate. In this case study, Annie shows that with a testamentary trust and a little time, a little can go a long way for both her family and charity.
27 Sep 2006 | National Publication | Case study
A Presentation Case Study

Walter and Helen Wilson are in their early 70s and hold a highly appreciated, low yielding stock they are no comfortable owning. In this presentation case study, the Wilson's attorney shows them how they can use a charitable remainder unitrust to sell the stock...

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